Sushi with the bro #BroCamp

Great views of San Francisco today in the search for Stephanie Maco at the Nike Women’s Marathon. #WeLostDoug

Had a great time yesterday hiking Bumpass Hell and seeing the sulfur pits in Lassen Volcanic National Park with Stephanie!

Bleu cheese burgers with arugula, tomatoes, and onion rings. Great dinner with Stephanie! #Yum

Birthday girl enjoying her cake! #MadelinesFirstBirthday

Burrito Bandito with Stephanie!!! #Yum #BurritoDate

Delicious Bacon and Bleu cheese burger with Brady and Hallie today. #PineStreetBurger #badventist

Delicious horseradish BLT with heirloom tomatoes for lunch today!

Joe and I seem good on our shirt selection. #AdultWardrobe